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Criss Cross Picspam: A Dreamcast/Picspam for my batman/harry potter crossover series.

This my own dreamcast/picspam for this series. I did this mostly because the current batman canon both comic and movieverse is in flux right now. So I decided to recast the batman cast and use my own headcanon which is a mixture of comic canon, movie canon, and canon from the animated series. I might actually update this post as the series grows.

Credit: Batgirl and Nightwing costumes are from Knightness Rouge & Ismahawk and his awesome fan-made trailer.

Aster Jane Potter aka Harry Potter
Portrayed by Jessica Brown Findlay

You can view here@crosscrossfic

Amores Verdaderos

Poldark (1975): part 2 recap

Ross is deeply disappointed by ELizabeth’s decision to go on with the marriage and he tries to forget her with other women and of course a lot of drinking. I did like the scene with the sex worker, where she seems to be a little bit in love with Ross. She was such a nice lady and so sweet especially when she was advicing Ross to find a woman to love and care, although that would mean she would lose him, because that is the type of man he is! Continue reading...
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